Brand & Design Consultant

Lee Co. Career

Campaign Concept


Create a 3 family of images to be execute in three (3) different tears. Each tear needs (3) executions.

1 - Lee Company University related.

2 - Specific job related

3 - General WHY Lee Company


Age: 22-45; this captures those with the greatest potential to be in that “skilled” age range.

Other attributes: Renters, high school graduates, veterans, people with ‘some college’ education, trade school students and graduates, households with income of 60k or less

Interests: Hunting, country music, rock, fishing, sports, guns, home improvement, home improvement stores

Geography (in order of priority): TN, AL, KY. We would like to come up with a plan to target GA, FL, TX later on


Have a gallery of images for use on Facebook/Twitter/IG/LinkedIn that we can share on our channels and also send to some of our employees so they can share on their personal accounts. We would give them copy, which Jan can write, and hashtags. Client is putting these images/post ideas in the hands of our employees is that referrals is our highest source of new talent.


50% of the current construction workforce is temp labor $$$$$ we need to hire people ASAP.

 Umbrella Answer

Overall approach for these three tears will be the same to keep consistency with the umbrella message, and also to funnel opportunities to careers landing page or any other microsite part of the over all strategy:

We will give an answer to the current campaign “What do you want to build?”

Tear 1 1 - Lee Company University

For this tear the case studies will be graduates from Lee University.