Springbac Campaign

The objectives

  1. Create a look & feel for the brand + grassroots awareness in the South Florida market.
  2. Drive B2C and B2B sales.
  3. Position the company to sell.

The challenges

  1. Introduce a new drink concept to integrate into the club lifestyle.
  2. Translate the  brand’s core message without saying it is a “hangover remedy”.
  3. (because by law we weren’t allowed)
  4. Differentiate between an energy drink and this offering.
  5. Generate a significant buzz locally in a short time (1 year exit strategy).


An integrated campaign was developed around the message “For the Party Animal in You”, aimed at trend-setters,  which included traditional and nontraditional media, viral content creation, online, outdoor, unique grassroots and promotional efforts, off and on-premise and print ads in college newspapers.


The brand achieved notoriety and generated the buzz they were looking for. The company sold to a larger company in South Africa as desired.  Check out some of  the viral components we created to help facilitate this success.

The concept was pretty simple. We created 5 different characters based on the concept. We chose sexy animals appealing to the target audience and brought them to life, each character taking on a  personality of its own. We used them for promotions, social media and events, to be the voice of the brand. The audience was able to identify with one or several of the “Party Animals” as they each possessed qualities that aligned with the different segments within the general audience category.

Jose Rementeria