Canon USA

Consumers identify Canon as a highly trusted camera brand. This brand loyalty and awareness derives from Canon’s proven success as one of the most advanced and powerful photography systems in the world. Consumer brand loyalty to Canon, however, does not filter down through the entire electronic portfolio including printers, fax machines, and scanners. HP, Samsung, Xerox, and Brother take the lead in sales in this category. The current advertising and promotional efforts have been executed by various distributors lacking consistency in consumer communication resulting in less than desired product sales.

Canon set out to build the best office equipment with the same renowned built-in quality of their cameras in order for their business to stay ahead of the rest.

Beyond Cameras is a simple and creative way of presenting product shots. This concept is in line with those presented above, having the same premise. This can be applied to various media including POP materials, web banners or billboards.

Jose Rementeria