Urifemme Viral Video

More than 25 Million viewers

Uri-Femme (a disposable urinary funnel for women) asked us to launch their innovative product. Since both product concept and brand were unknown, we set out to develop a comprehensive marketing plan that clearly focused on specific audiences.

To generate product buzz and to create brand awareness this plan called for an integrated digital strategy that was set in place by means of a very informative website. Simultaneously, an entertaining TV spot was shot with the intention of webcasting it in social networks such as Facebook and Youtube, as well as Uri-Femme.com. Blogs that connect with women’s sense of intimacy were created and all their contents point towards the company’s website.

After the initial first two months, both traffic and online orders dramatically rose. As we are constantly undergoing diverse promotions that include modifying attitudinal behavior, we are very confident of Uri-Femme’s positive results and continued success in the market.

Jose Rementeria