Hollywood CRA


Reduce and ultimately stop all littering at the beach and bring awareness to how litter affects the natural beauty of the area as well as damaging the ecosystem / marine life habitats at the beach.

Key Insights

Those who litter the most - millennial (16-34). Male dominance.

Individuals are much more likely to litter into a littered environment.

81 percent of litter is intentional

Whether intentional or accidental, all litter is preventable.

Although the vast majority of people claim to want to live in a clean environment, more than 42 percent of Americans admit to littering in the past month.

4 main reasons people litter


Perceived lack of consequences for their actions

Seeing litter already in a given area

Lack of trash receptacles

Creative Strategy

The call to action we must convey is for those who litter to STOP LITTERING! We must focus the messaging of this campaign towards those who actually litter and not so muchthose of us who don’t. We are not the one's who need to be converted, they are!

Realizing, all audiences are not created equal, we took on the challenge to understand how this group of targeted audience reacts to messaging. The conclusion is that strong and direct enforcements seem to resonate the most as deterrents to littering.

We must not create a whimsical campaign as this style approach would simply get lost in the crowd and not resonate with this type of audience. Rather we must first grab their attention with bold topics that are either shocking or funny and secondly create a sense of responsibility based on the effects of littering so that they ultimately think before taking part in this behavior.

Jose Rementeria