Classical Radio 89.7

Only in Miami! A few years back when the only classical station went off the air, we truly missed it. Imagine, a world class city without classical music radio! So when we learned through the airwaves that the recently formed Classical South Florida Public Radio was in peril for not meeting its pledge drive, we took action. Instead of making a single donation we quickly determined the best way to help was to multiply the station’s efforts by requesting more donations. Within minutes we created a Facebook campaign (“He too will be a Classic”). The two different ads featuring Bach’s and Mozart’s respective wigs around rapper Jay-Z and pop star Justin Bieber’s faces, ran for seven days specifically targeting people with a classical music interest. The total cost for us was minimal, and the number of would-be contributors peaked at 73 when we pulled the plug. We are happy to report the station is broadcasting as usual and if you are not in Miami, you can opt to listen to their great streaming service on the web at  Your tax deductible donation will be greatly appreciated.