Sony XEL-1


Sony, the electronics giant, has been in need of the “next Walkman” that would reposition the brand as a technology leader. Enter XEL-1, the first commercial Organic Light Emitting Diode-OLED TV of its kind.


As the XEL-1 was making its PR debut rounds in Japan and other European countries it was crucial to sell its breakthrough screen technology to non-English speaking audiences elsewhere.


We tied the concept to a web banner teaser campaign paving the road for a series of print ads in major Latin American newspapers. All media and advertising efforts, plus a gorgeous brochure, revolved around a sophisticated yet unassuming website that recreated the simplicity and innovation of the XEL-1.


Visitors to the XEL-1 website still outnumber by a landslide all other Sony websites combined! Since launching the campaign, overwhelming interest and higher than anticipated sales for the XEL-1 are the norm despite its commanding price.